Vanishing Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it has me thinking about how tricky gift giving can be when you are trying to maintain order in your surroundings, and even trickier if you are on a journey to live with less. I’ve recently adopted a “disappearing gift” strategy for holidays big and small. Rather than adding another item to the pile of things that need to be organized and maintained, I am focused on treating those I love to gifts that don’t stick around once they’ve been enjoyed.

I’ve developed a list of ideas that are my starting point whenever I am presented with a gift giving opportunity:

  • Seasonal Fruit
  • Artisanal meats & cheeses
  • Wine, liquor, or craft beer
  • Tickets: Concerts, Theater, Comedians, Movies, etc
  • Massage Certificate
  • Membership to a local museum or park
  • Tasty home-made treats

My valentine’s gift for The Hubs falls into that last category this year. He is a bacon lover and craft beer fanatic. I found a great recipe, courtesy of Tide & Thyme for Beer-Candied Bacon, which I packaged in a ball jar that I keep on hand for sauces and soups. I threw in a bit of raffia and a homemade tag, and had a very personal gift for my Valentine which will disappear with lightening speed! What says love more than a pound of salty, delicious bacon which has been caramelized in a beer-brown sugar syrup?!? Now that’s what I call a vanishing valentine…



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