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Kid Kitchen Drawer

One of my favorite projects I’ve ever completed is designating a drawer in our kitchen for kid dishes, cutlery, and cups. It was simple, affordable, and has been SO effective! Mischief and Mayhem are quite happy that they can be in charge of picking out their own items at snack and meal time. I

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Kitchen Towel Storage – Take Two

Some of my early attempts at organization were more successful than others. We can go ahead put my first stab at storage for our kitchen dish towels in the abject failure category! At the time, I chose it because it stored multiple towels, and kept them out of sight. Those

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Stackable Shelves

The gas cooktop integrated into the counter is one of my favorite aspects of my kitchen. The cavernous and shelf-less cabinet beneath, however, is another story.  One of my organizing rules of thumb is to store items as close to where they are used as possible, making this cabinet the

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