Hanging Pillow Case Hamper

Today I am sharing the step-by-step instructions for creating the hanging pillow case hamper I featured in my last post, Double Decker Closet Door Storage Bars. The idea came to me when I was considering how to best utilize the extra hanging space those closet bars would create. Years ago, I saw this laundry bag idea in an issue of Martha Stewart:

Embroidery Hoop Laundry Bag

Ever-Open Laundry Bag

Clearly it stuck with me somehow, because it made me think that a hanging laundry bag would be a great use of one of the rails. I built on the idea and created a laundry hamper out of a pillow case, using grosgrain ribbon and buttons to attach it to the rail. I found a pair of standard size pillowcases at Walmart for  $5.47. We didn’t have an extra pillow cases lying around at home, but if you do that’s just a bonus! The pair worked out for me, as I wanted to make them for both Mischief and Mayhem’s rooms. I chose a wide 1 1/2″ grosgrain ribbon to create the loops. Mayhem was my helper on the shopping trip to JoAnn’s and chose the ribbon ($4) and buttons ($1). If you have scrap fabric (I did not) that would also work. If you are wanting a cute little pillow case hamper of your own, it’ll take you less than $10 and just a few minutes!

The Materials

The Instructions

1. Cut 2 ribbon straps, roughly 2-3 times as long as the band at the pillow case opening

Cut Ribbon to 2-3 times the length of the pillow case band
2. Iron a 1/2″ hem at one end of each ribbon
3. Using the button attachment on your sewing machine, sew a button hold just above the ironed hem for each ribbon (Don’t have a button attachment?? Give snaps a try instead. No sewing machine?? You could hand-sew ribbons to the front and back side of the back panel of the pillowcase, and just tie them to the rail.)

Sew button hole at end of ribbon with ironed hem edge

Sew button hole at end of ribbon with ironed hem edge

4. Replace the button attachment with the regular foot, and stitch down the ironed hem on each ribbon
5. Pin the ribbons to the outside of the pillow case, aligning the un-hemmed edge with the seam for the band at the pillow case opening, about 3″ in on each side

Pin Ribbons to outside of pillowcase, lined up with band seam at pillow opening

Pin Ribbons to outside of pillowcase, lined up with band seam at pillow opening

6. Stitch the ribbon securely to the pillow case. I did a rectangle following the perimeter of area where the the ribbon overlaps the pillow case. 7. Then I added an X stitch the center of the rectangle for extra support.
8. Carefully rip open the button hole using a seam ripper or scissors
9. Hand sew the button to the interior of pillow case. I positioned mine at the center of the X which I created in step 6.

IMG_0843 - Version 2

The finished product: Hanging Pillow Case Laundry Hamper!

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