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Air-Dry Clothes Hanging

When I posted the reveal of my big Laundry Room Transformation I mentioned in passing the solution I used for air-drying damp laundry. This is a solution that almost never happened. I was originally planning to mount a valet hook that would hold about 4-5 hangers on the inside of the

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Hanging Pillow Case Hamper

Today I am sharing the step-by-step instructions for creating the hanging pillow case hamper I featured in my last post, Double Decker Closet Door Storage Bars. The idea came to me when I was considering how to best utilize the extra hanging space those closet bars would create. Years ago,

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Laundry Room Transformation

The laundry room project that I dreamed up two years ago finally came to fruition, and I am positively giddy! We knew when we built our home that it had one closet on the main floor to hold our coats, guest coats, and cleaning supplies. When it was just two

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