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Hanging Pillow Case Hamper

Today I am sharing the step-by-step instructions for creating the hanging pillow case hamper I featured in my last post, Double Decker Closet Door Storage Bars. The idea came to me when I was considering how to best utilize the extra hanging space those closet bars would create. Years ago,

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Double-Decker Closet Door Storage Bars

This Labor Day weekend was full of kicking back and relaxing with family and friends. While we enjoyed the final days of summer here in Northeast Ohio, I managed to sneak in a small project that has been on my list since I transformed Mayhem’s builder-grade closet into a Kid-Friendly Closet.

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Image of Kid-Friendly Closet Organization

Kid-Friendly Closet Organizer

My sweet little Mayhem didn’t grow and inch or gain a pound in her entire second year of life, but since she hit 3 she has been making up for lost time. I swear she wakes up a little taller every morning! Swapping out her single builder-grade wire shelf and

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Dress Up Closet

Playing dress up is a favorite past time for the children in my family, boys and girls alike. Mischief and Mayhem have been handed down or gifted a dizzying number of costumes from their generous older cousins. They started in the toy box of our play space, but quickly got out

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