Air-Dry Clothes Hanging

When I posted the reveal of my big Laundry Room Transformation I mentioned in passing the solution I used for air-drying damp laundry. This is a solution that almost never happened. I was originally planning to mount a valet hook that would hold about 4-5 hangers on the inside of the cabinet over the sink. At the last minute as I was collecting all the materials to actually start the project, I switched the plan to include air-dry bars hidden behind the door to the garage, formerly an unused wall.

Air-Dry Hanging Rails

Air-Dry Hanging Rails

I’m so happy I followed my instinct and took a chance on this idea! After using it for the last few months, I had to come back and give the project the attention it was due. This setup has been working so well that it deserves a post all its own. The system is made up of two wall-mounted rails and some s-hooks, all from IKEA. The installation was super fast, and so easy that my middle-school aged nephew even pitched in!


The Challenge

Find a new place for hanging air-dry laundry after the original location was displaced by a stacking washer and dryer set and a new broom cabinet.

The Materials

The Result

What I ended up creating was a flexible and versatile solution for air-drying. There are so many options! You can dangle a hanger off the s-hook, hang something straight from the s-hooks, or drape it right over the bar. All summer, this became the landing spot for all the wet towels and bathing suits the girls brought home from the pool. I loved that I didn’t need to throw them right into the laundry. I could tackle them later at a more convenient time, or when I had accumulated a full load. Now that summer has turned to fall, it’s transitioning nicely to handle my more delicate sweaters and tops that I don’t want to shrink in the dryer.

Are you in need of a good air-drying solution? With an investment of $10 and 10 minutes, you could have one more corner of your world chaos-free too.

Versatile Air-Dry Clothes Hanging Solution

Versatile Air-Dry Clothes Hanging Solution

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