Hello and welcome to my blog, Chaos Ordered, where I share ideas for creating a little order amid the chaos of life! My name is Carrie, and I hail from Copley, Ohio. If you’ve never been to Copley, it’s a small township just west of Akron, and about 20 miles south of Cleveland and Lake Erie.

We know a thing or two about chaos at my house, which my husband and I share with two rambunctious little girls (aka Mischief and Mayhem) and a lovable labradoodle. I am forever in search of practical solutions for taming clutter and bringing a bit of calm to our chaotic life.

For me, order isn’t about perfection. It’s about taking what you have and making it work better for you and the way you live your life. With a bit of strategic organization, I find that I waste less time hunting down that missing item and less money re-buying things I already own. The payoff is that more of my time and money go toward ACTUALLY ENJOYING this incredible life I am blessed to live.

I should also warn you that order doesn’t mean clean for me, either. If you drop by our home, you’ll likely find me elbow deep in some project or other to transform another corner of our home into something more useful for our family’s current needs. You’re also just as likely to find nose prints on the windows and peanut butter finger prints on the kitchen table. If you were hoping to pick up some tips on how to make your home gleam, I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong blog!

However you came upon my site, thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something useful to try out in your own life, and that you share how it is working out. If you like what you find here on Chaos Ordered, use the links below to follow me via your favorite form of social media. It’s a convenient way to¬†get my latest blog posts delivered right to you .

Happy Organizing!

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