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Laundry Room Transformation

The laundry room project that I dreamed up two years ago finally came to fruition, and I am positively giddy! We knew when we built our home that it had one closet on the main floor to hold our coats, guest coats, and cleaning supplies. When it was just two

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Wall-Mount Knife Magnet

Today’s topic will be short and sweet. I’m elbow deep in a laundry room re-do (which if all goes well you’ll get to see next week!) so I’m sharing one of my favorite little kitchen organizing helpers, a magnetic knife strip. As you can see in the photo below, we

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Kid Kitchen Drawer

One of my favorite projects I’ve ever completed is designating a drawer in our kitchen for kid dishes, cutlery, and cups. It was simple, affordable, and has been SO effective! Mischief and Mayhem are quite happy that they can be in charge of picking out their own items at snack and meal time. I

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Tips for Unloading Unwanted Clutter

If you’re anything like me, you have some things in your home that made their way in at some point but aren’t contributing anything positive to your home or the life you live in it now. It was annual community garage sale week in my neighborhood. With this topic top of

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