Vanishing Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it has me thinking about how tricky gift giving can be when you are trying to maintain order in your surroundings, and even trickier if you are on a journey to live with less. I’ve recently adopted a “disappearing gift” strategy for holidays big and small.

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Quick Chickpea Curry

3 Weeks of Go-To Weeknight Dinner Recipes

I promised in my recent post, Managing Groceries and Meal Planning, to share my go-to weeknight dinner recipes which help me to consistently feed my family of four home cooked meals on hectic weeknights. So today I am back with 15 tasty recipes, all of which make frequent appearances on our weekly

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Spinach White Bean Pasta

Spinach & White Bean Pasta

This recipe for Spinach & White Bean Pasta is a favorite of mine. It is light and delicious with a quick pan sauce. Ingredients like capers and fresh baby spinach cater to the adult palette, but Mischief and Mayhem (my resident preschool food critics) eat it up as well. One of

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Ground Beef & Mushroom Chili

Ground Beef & Mushroom Chili

When The Hubs and I got married, I asked his mother for a few of his favorite recipes. One that she shared (along with his special chili spoon) was her recipe for chili. It is a little non-traditional in that it contains mushrooms, but he loves it and so do

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Ground Beef Tacos

Tacos Without the Packet

I don’t know about you…but I like to know what is in my food. You know, pronounce-able names of ingredients I have heard of before and, with a greener thumb and more time, might actually be able to grow myself. So, years back when my sister-in-law shared her recipe for

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Lit Christmas Tree with gifts organized by wrapping paper patterns

A Color-Coded Christmas

With Christmas Eve fast approaching, I thought I’d share a quick tip for keeping organized when you’ll be toting gifts to multiple holiday celebrations. First, start with a variety of wrapping paper. Then designate a pattern for each gift pile based however it most makes sense to segregate your gifts. Traveling

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Restock List

Managing Groceries and Meal Planning

Over the years, I have come up with some strategies to keep organized in the kitchen so that grocery shopping and cooking can be enjoyable rather than stressful. This approach was born out of frustration from throwing away too many unused ingredients at the end of the week, and getting

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"Corner Office" Home Office Zone

“Corner Office” Home Office Zone

We have an awkward corner in our kitchen, right near our table and next to the back door. It had been occupied by a pie safe since we moved in 9 years ago. It started out as a great location to store our large serving dishes we used when entertaining, which

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Air-Dry Clothes Hanging

When I posted the reveal of my big Laundry Room Transformation I mentioned in passing the solution I used for air-drying damp laundry. This is a solution that almost never happened. I was originally planning to mount a valet hook that would hold about 4-5 hangers on the inside of the

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Hanging Pillow Case Hamper

Today I am sharing the step-by-step instructions for creating the hanging pillow case hamper I featured in my last post, Double Decker Closet Door Storage Bars. The idea came to me when I was considering how to best utilize the extra hanging space those closet bars would create. Years ago,

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